How Google Ventures pivots ideas into services/products in 5 days

In my last update I wrote about innovation being a numbers’ game and how exponential organisations have mastered the art of cutting through the noise to invest in right ideas

GV follows a 5 days process called Design Sprint to create/ invest in great ideas

Design Sprint means designing a new product or services in a short interval, called Sprint, from an idea to testing the prototype with real customers. A typical Software development model follows the Idea, Build, Launch & Learn cycle which on an average takes about 4-6 weeks to develop a prototype

The Objective of the Design Sprint is to reduce the time between IDEA & LEARN cycle, basically how do we learn faster from the experiments in short time

In the Design Sprint you get to see tangible outcomes, test the solutions with real customers and create a strong sense of alignment in the cross-functional team towards the goal

Design Sprint can be used when 1)Developing a new Product/Service, 2)Re-imagining an existing service or 3)Speed up existing development

If you like to have a detailed checklist on what is required to conduct a Design Sprint, drop a comment “Interested”, I will send you a copy

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